Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This has been the month for me to join Yahoo groups that are involved with romance writing.

1 Cata Network Writers This is a discussion loop for romance writers. Single titles, e-book, category romance writers, short stories, screenplay writers. I joined the Cata Network because they had a workshop on how to Analysis a Mills & Boon book. Since this is what I want to write – I though it would be a handy skill to develop.

2 Claytons Conference This is the group for those attending the RWA conference in Australia each year. I was particularly interested in the Short Story/Novella writing workshop by Shiloh Walker. I buy her stories from Ellora’s Cave.

3 Lucy Monroe Classes This group is for free online writing workshops presented by romance author, Lucy Monroe. This has really helped me work out what I want to do and come up with a plan.

4 Romance Australia This is a private on-line discussion group for current members of RWA I figure if I’m serious about writing I can’t go wrong with joing the RWA

5 Romantic at Heart This is a Critique Group. What better way to learn to write then to help others. I’ve never critiqued before so will be jumping in with both feet.

Even though I haven’t been with these groups long. Some for only a couple of days. I feel I’ve grown from doing the workshops and listening to what others have had to say. The only downside I can see is that I’ve not put the hours into my writing. As I’ve heard from others you need to write to be a writer.